April 18, 2009


Well. This whole "blogging more often" thing I keep spouting off is going SO WELL is it not? Hmm. I really don't feel I should even comment on it. It is a toxic topic, so moving on.

Since I last typed something on this blog:

- I went on spring break to DC (wassup doshtate!) and NY.
- When in NY I promptly lost my iPod touch. Because I am an IDIOT.
- I have, on three separate occasions, gone on WebMD and nearly convinced myself that I had tumors. Once in my tear duct, another time in my nostril and maybe once in my ear? I don't remember. Anyway, basically WebMD is TEH DEVIL!!! Tell your friends.
- Twitter has replaced Facebook in, I believe, my heart.
- Went to visit family in Brainerd for Easter weekend. Fun times accomplished.
- The weather has changed. I expect to become sick any day now. And since the weather is amazing, I've been riding my bike. Earlier this week I bought an air pump because the mechanic one I use at the student union has the wrong thingy on the end. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, my air pump broke. Because Schwinn is full of FAIL. I will be emailing to complain. I'll keep you updated (maybe).
- The other night I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy, something I haven't done for almost a year. I don't think I miss it.
- I got a new iPod (!!!!!!!!!!) yesterday and we are very happy together.
- I had a bagel for breakfast yesterday, and I really want one right NOW. This is probably not great, but I don't care. Bagels FTW!!!
- And finally this morning, I went on CNN.com to see what's going on. Their poll was about twitter, and naturally, I answered the question. The responses made me laugh so very hard.

I guess twitter has a ways to go.