November 11, 2011


Well hello! You must still be subscribed to my long dormant blog! How cute. How's life? Good? Good.

I'm just popping in to say that I have a new address for my blog, though the name remains the same as I'm quite partial to it. You can visit it here! Please do. We're having a good time.

I mean "We" in the royal sense, naturally.



January 26, 2010

The Freeze

There is no adjective for the weather. Descriptions of the cold only do so much, and you know that a number does not, and cannot, prepare anyone for stepping outside and getting punched in the gut. Your jeans become rigid, like cardboard. They scrape against your shins. Your scarf is useless and after only a few moments outside you realize that you, with your red nose and chapped lips, are beginning to look like a penguin.

Walking is for sissies. Walkers trip on the banks and slip and fall in parking lots. You jog past and laugh at their ginger steps. Trotting victoriously past a group of walkers, you smile because you know that you will get to the bus stop at exactly the right time, greet the bus driver and take a seat. The walkers will wait in the cold. Your jeans will thaw; theirs will turn to plywood.

Remember in November, when the air had just started to smell like snow? Now it smells of wind and numbness and you're longing for November again. Not July, you are not that foolish. November. All you can think about is the fleece jacket bliss that is November.