November 25, 2007

Story of my life

I spent Wednesday night at the Ramada in Green Bay Wisconsin. You may be wondering, but Klue, why on earth would you want to spend Thanksgiving Eve in Green Bay? Well, I didn't. In fact, I probably never will. On my way home for operation turkey, there apparently was snow, or wind or ice, and our pilot apparently values his life or something, so we didn't quite make it. Also, since I was flying Northwest, and they hate being successful, we had to pay for it. Discounted, of course, but I didn't order crappy weather to stop us from landing when we were supposed to, so why should I pay for what amounted to a nap? Am I suggesting that Northwest did this? "This" being stealing our joy, robbing us of breakfast and proper caffeine? I cannot say, as they won't return my calls.
Luckily, the next morning, we did get home eventually, but only after the genius pilot totally freaked us all out when telling us that our back-up plan was not to land somewhere in Michigan, but to return to Minneapolis.
This did not go over well. Needless to say, our flight attendant had some major damage control to do. She was, however, the best flight attendant I have ever had, making it literally impossible to be mad at her, so we all just kind of shrugged and made fun of Green Bay as much as possible.
With that comes a comic from toothpaste for dinner that I'm hoping will not come to symbolize my flight experiences, but will probably not be surprised if this is the case.

November 11, 2007

Me in cartoon form

Yes, it has happened. The day you all, well, maybe just me, have been waiting for...I have my very own avatar. (Courtesy of the good people at The Simpsons and Emsizz, for bringing this fantastic non-waste of time to my attention.) I will waste no time describing the many splendid qualities of said avatar, and display for the world (aka the 3 people who read this) to see.

Coming Soon: Klue gets a Second second life and befriends a man named Dwight who sells paper and flies. What will she do next?!

November 5, 2007

The stars they are dancing

As much as this pains me to say, I am nearly addicted to Dancing with the Stars (not really). My roommate and I have watched it 2 weeks in a row, but only on Mondays since she has class and I have to work on Tuesdays, and we even discuss it during commercials. It is quite the, uh, phenomenon. I'm a little disappointed in the stars actually. I thought Jane Seymour was better than this...alas, she is a contestant, and not really the best one either. I mean, she's ok, but Scary Spice (yes, THE Scary Spice - sans scary hair) has totally kicked her butt both weeks. Also, Tom Burgeron is my hero. As is Len, the old English judge. The other host and the chick judge, not so much. They're basically stupid, boring and dumb but with highlights. Not surprising, but still...
While I could go on for quite some time, I would like to go to bed soon so I'll just list the highlights in no particular order.
- Drama, drama, drama, with a pinch of drama on the side. First Jane's mom apparently died (before I became a "loyal" viewer) then Marie Osmond fainted, then Jane had food poisoning and couldn't come to the results show, then the Cheetah Girl! got kicked off. Ok, two of those were more funny than dramatic, but I have been told that I have a sick sense of humor. So.
- Marie Osmond (MO) said to her dancing partner to "kick [her] trash" tonight. Seriously? Trash??? I understand that they want to keep things clean and that MO has never, ever swore but come on. She couldn't say the slightly less offensive "butt" or "tush" before trash???
- Joke, from Len (who is from England, I think I mentioned this already) "Just because you're from Brazil doesn't mean that you know how to dance the (insert correct name of dance that I don't remember here) just like how just because you're from Texas, doesn't mean that you know how to be President" heehee...
- The fact that Tom doesn't really do anything but crack jokes the whole time, and he is the only one of the 2 "hosts" that has any public speaking skills whatsoever. Also, he was on Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!!
- Last week the Racecar driver's partner said he was the only athlete left. Ha. Athlete. Good one. Yeah, I usually break a sweat and burn oh so many calories driving in circles too. We now refer to him always using finger quotes. "The "athlete" kind of sucked it up tonight" for example is always effective.
- That one actress from 90210 is on this show. I just really respect her as a person, and she's not as annoying as MO or Scary Spice so I'm pulling for her.