May 29, 2009

Resume Building

There's a job opening I recently came across that is pretty exciting. I'm not sure if they're still taking applications, so who knows if I'll actually apply. It seems like it might be just out of my league, but if I want experience in the field I've gotta start somewhere, right?

The perks? Job security like you wouldn't believe, decent pay, room for promotion (to an extent) and I can determine how committed and engaged I am day to day! They don't advertise much about benefits, but I have a feeling they'll be adequate.

There are, of course plenty of cons to this particular job. Moving to Washington DC, wearing a lot of black, having LOTS of older co-workers. But, come to think of it, I could probably handle it.

The weird thing is, there seems to be some competition for me ALREADY. I saw a commercial last night on TV about another candidate's back story, and though she's my competition, even I have to admit that it was pretty compelling. Needless to say I'm a little nervous she'll get the job before I even get a chance to - wait a second...

Apparently, she's a racist! This is excellent news.

I'm glad someone came forward and brought this to our attention. Can you imagine, a racist in a position of power, influencing their peers and social policy?! What would have become of us?

Honestly, if not for a patriot utilizing his startling ability to only read one line of one speech and construe a meaning contrary to that very text, we, the American taxpayers would never have known The Truth!

And let me just say for the record that I am not a racist, new or old. Or an opposite racist. Or a communist sympathizer, member of an anarchist group or of the democrat socialist party.

Is it just me, or is that last thing grammatically incorrect? Well, if good grammar is fascist then I'll use ain't everyday at inappropriate times. 'Cause a fascist, I ain't.

Oh, and did I mention my lack of racism? Because trust me, there is a huge lack of it.

**UPDATE: It turns out, she's not a racist. I guess it's back to the classifieds for me.

May 14, 2009

Time for Vacation, or is it?

This summer I'm going to have a lot of free time. A LOT. I don't have school, (unless I end up enrolling for a class, that is) I'm working about the same hours, maybe a bit more.

Lately I've been thinking about what I'll do, and I've decided to make a list. Apparently I'm turning into my Mother. There isn't an actual, literal list (at least not yet) but I'll probably make one.

My list is mostly composed of books I want to read, but there are also habits I want to form. Like getting up everyday when I'm awake instead of laying in bed for another 40 minutes. Think of all the time you throw away! Another one is writing something every day, even if it's a description of my day or a fake profile of someone, good writers write all the time. I plan to be one of them.

When I started thinking about this summer, I happened to read this column about talent and genius vs. effort. The truth is that it really doesn't matter how much "God given" talent someone has, because without effort and work ethic you don't make any progress. You could be given the perfect hands for playing the cello, for instance, but still get beaten out for prestigious jobs because there's someone who practices more. Despite not having the "gift" they come out on top because they want it and work to be the best.

A week or so after I read this I got the New Yorker (Yeah, I'm one of those people and I like it) and read this article by Malcolm Gladwell. The story of David beating Goliath has always been fascinating to me. The ultimate underdog pitted against the ultimate warrior. No one, even his own people, expects David to come out on top, but he, as Gladwell says, plays his own game and beats Goliath.

So. The last thing on my list is to be a David. I am by nature a procrastinator and somewhat lazy. But with practice, with effort, I think I can be better, and do great things. I don' t mean to get too cliquey or sappy on here, but isn't this something we should all strive for? To challenge ourselves, expecting more than anyone else and if we're lucky, be able to prove it? Wait, no, not lucky. If we work and care and sweat and never stop, then we'll be able to prove it. Yes.

That's my real goal, and maybe even my entire list.